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Police Chief says VIOLENT Threats Against Congress Increasing

This increase in threats does not surprise me at all.

Police Chief says VIOLENT Threats Against Congress Increasing 1 Photo by Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund said Tuesday, at his first appearance as head of the department before the House Administration Committee, “We continue to see the threat assessment cases that we’re opening continue to grow,” Sund continued, “For fiscal year 2018, we had approximately 4,894 cases. So far, for this year, we have 2,502 cases. So, we’re on par to probably break last year’s.”

This increase in threats does not surprise me at all. Several motivating factors are involved, including a decreased moral aptitude among most people, an increase in the public’s narcissistic need to prove that they are “woke” and unchecked rage based on political emotions. However, it is the last motivating factor that is the most manipulated by the congressional politicians themselves, not outside stimulus. Biased media platforms spew political lies and inflammatory rhetoric minute by minute, day by day, etc. When coupled with social media technology that allows likeminded people to communicate 24 hours a day, the political emotion grows to nuclear proportions.

The increased rage, and subsequent violence, are a result of the constant heating up of political discourse. For example, after the congressional Democrats began to refer to the border camps as “concentration camps,” a terrorist, from the domestic terrorist organization Antifa, attacked an ICE facility and attempted to set off an explosion that would’ve resulted in many innocent deaths. In the terrorist’s manifesto, he used the same “concentration camp” language that the left had been using. This is not to say the attack is the fault of those who increase the temperature of political discourse, but there are quite a few crazy people out there and when the temperature increases we should not be surprised when a few kernels pop.