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The Key To Saving The Second Amendment Is Understanding It

Fix these issues and the mass shootings, drug abuse, and most other issues we face in this nation will all but disappear.

Photo by Rick Gershon/Getty Images

Several days ago a story was reported about 52,000 illegal Chinese gun parts being found in one seizure, yet there has been very little if any conversation about it from the Democrats or the Republicans.  From an investigative mindset, this means that the possibility of more than one shipment was, and is likely to happen over time.  So where is Republican Congressman Peter King’s outrage?  Where are all the Democrats vocal concerns about the safety of America from all those potential guns and gun parts on the street from a foreign nation?

I find it very interesting that the only time we hear from all the gun grabbers in DC as well as the Hollywood and leftist gun rights activists that activate on command like robots, is when a publicized mass shooting occurs and the guns in question are legally owned guns. Yet again, my investigative mind is intrigued because those same people seem to never raise their collective voice each weekend when just as many people are killed with illegally acquired weapons by gang members and thugs from the forgotten inner cities around the nation.

So why is it that so many are focused on arresting our Second Amendment right?  And why is it that so many people seem to be willing to just simply, give that right away?  Primarily it is because of a lack of education and understanding of what the Second Amendment is, and why it is so important that we all claim and protect that right above all others.  So, for all ye of little knowledge, I will explain why the Second Amendment is so important in about 800 words.  Read it, embrace it and pass it along to others who need to hear the truth, or cast it aside.  The choice is yours, and so are the consequences.

The Constitution and the rights therein were created by men that had faced a tyrannical king and felt the life long burden of oppressed freedoms and the degradation of their unalienable rights. Their allegiance to the calling of God was so strong that they stood against all odds to defeat an undefeatable enemy. And so you ask, what exactly was Gods calling that they heard and that those of us still hear today in defense of the what they fought to achieve so long ago?

God longs for all of mankind to be free. Free from oppression and the tyrannical rule of what you think and say, who you worship and how you choose to live.  This is important because He knows that in order to measure the will of mankind, the human species must be free to think and live for themselves to the best, or worst of their abilities. Through this Godly need, a calling was set ablaze within mankind to live life as free from the rule of government as possible.  It was that calling that motivated and permeated everything the Founding Fathers strove to endow upon the citizenry through the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Fix those issues and the mass shootings, drug abuse, and most other issues we face in this nation will all but disappear…

The Second Amendment is the bodyguard of the Constitution and all other rights. Arming ourselves as a militia wasn’t just to battle the British over 240 years ago, it was to ensure We The People were never enslaved by a tyrant again. That is why it was created, and that is why we are still free.

The rights within the constitution were not written to be eventually changed as we evolve.  Rights don’t evolve because what it takes to remain free does not evolve. The constitution itself can be amended to make sure those rights apply to all people, which it has from time to time, but the rights themselves should never be amended.

For in doing so, all people, individually and as a collection of free spirits, will be diminished, both in stature and in their power as a whole citizenry. This will lead to a citizenry that cannot stand up against tyranny and the creep of subversive evil that longs to undermine all that God Himself has created. In fact, once freedom is diminished enough, most citizens won’t even try to stop their own enslavement, instead, they will cling to learned helplessness and the attractiveness of the coddling political promises of handouts.

Repeatedly bending a knee to progressive leftists have swung the pendulum of freedom so far to the left that even those that understand the delicacy of freedom have become willing to give the government bits and pieces of our rights without question.

Now, our government is controlled by the very people who profoundly preach leftist lies of division, oppression of free speech and immorality, through legislation and a corrupt judicial system, violent activism and information manipulation.

Make no mistake about it, those citizens that stand to defend the Second Amendment are lock and step with the Founding Fathers and those who were oppressed in slavery but freed as a result of our constitutional freedoms. Although that calling burns just as bright now as it did then, it burns in fewer hearts than any time in our young history.

We should never forget the few but mighty who swore an oath to defend the Constitution and its rights against ALL enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC! God willing those that come after us will still have that fire of freedom still burning inside. So, choose carefully who you put in office and who you choose to emulate.

Fear not the defenders of freedom, yet be wary of the subversive serpents of deception. For they know not the calling of Gods will, but are instead filled with a thirst for power at the cost of our freedoms.

As for the increase in reported mass killings, look no further than the breakdown of the family unit, the rejection of disciplining our youth, the ever growing need for recognition and self-satisfaction and the fading flame of Gods will inside us all. Fix those issues and the mass shootings, drug abuse, and most other issues we face in this nation will all but disappear.