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Southern ROCK Band RAILROADED by Sensitive Liberalism

All these sensitivities are senseless!

Fox News

An Atlanta based rock band that was formed in 1987 called Confederate Railroad is giving Illinois a piece of its mind. Confederate Railroad was asked to perform at the State Fair this upcoming August in Du Quoin, Illinois as part of their “90’s Country ReLoaded Day.” However, liberalism kicked in and the band was barred from joining the lineup by the Illinois Department of Agriculture because they have the word confederate in their band name.

Despite the absurdity of the Agriculture Department, I actually hope that the left continues to do stupid stuff like this. That way, people who aren’t normally affected personally by politics will realize what has become of our political system. The biggest issue, however, is that regardless of these types of oppressive actions by the left, the media will refuse to cover it and politicians on the right refuse to acknowledge and challenge it.

Confederate Railroad’s lead singer Danny Shirley released a touching statement about the incident:
This was very disappointing as we have played this fair before and enjoyed it very much…the outpouring of support from Confederate Railroad fans, fans of other acts, and the public, in general, has been both overwhelming and very much appreciated.

I would also like to thank the actors, athletes and fellow country music artists who have spoken out in support…Live concerts are how we pay our bills and feed our families. I would never want to see another act to lose a payday because of this. Please go out to hear these two great bands. As I have said many times onstage, I am by no means a saint but, I am a man of faith and I have faith that God will see us through this as well as whatever comes next!”

Shirley details exactly how these liberal actions play out in the real world; they obstruct average, hardworking Americans from paying their bills and feeding their families. I hope the media will do its due diligence in covering smaller stories like this in order to bring light to the fact that a liberal mentality gives organizations such as the ‘Agriculture’ Department of Illinois the ability to single-handedly ruin our culture. All these sensitivities are senseless!