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PLAYING GOD: Japan Creating Human-animal Hybrids

It is with retched face that I say sarcastically, what could possibly go wrong with this?

PLAYING GOD: Japan Creating Human-animal Hybrids 1 (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

Scientists in Japan are planning on developing human-animal hybrids, after government approval of controversial stem cell research. The Independent reported:

“Human cells will be grown in rat and mouse embryos, then brought to term in a surrogate animal, as part of experiments set to be carried out at the University of Tokyo.

Supporters say the work – led by renowned geneticist Hiromitsu Nakauchi – could be a vital first step towards eventually growing organs that can then be transplanted into people in need.

But opponents have raised concerns that scientists are playing God.

They worry the human cells could stray beyond the targeted organs into other areas of the animal, effectively creating a creature that is part animal, part person.”

Creating an organism that is part animal and part person condemns that organism to a life of suffering, the more humanlike the creature is the more able it will be to understand the extent of its misfortunes. We do not understand what we are doing with this and the potential sacrifice of invaluable human life is, by definition, never worth it.

It is with retched face that I say sarcastically, what could possibly go wrong with this? The truth is, as long as humans have been alive, they have been getting injured and dying, and trying to find ways to prolong life and rebuild the body. While I understand this quest of life and immortality, I believe accepting that we are not immortal and that death is inescapable helps put these types of experimental solution into a realistic perspective. This type of science is what megalomaniacs attempt, and it is another reason why I am prolife / anti-abortion. Because we really have no idea what horrible things are being done with the bodies of murdered babies in the name of science. I have no doubt that this type of experimentation would go down a similar path.