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Iran Threatens Nuclear Weapons Research Unless Cash ‘Demands Are Met’

Iran demands all banking and oil rights restored or will continue with nuclear efforts

According to Iranian senior leadership, they will begin to stockpile low-enriched uranium “the key component in a nuclear weapon- to levels needed for weapons research” instead of shipping it out of the country under the nuclear agreement, freebeacon.com reported. “These moves are enflaming global tension surrounding Iran’s nuclear program, which the country has used to receive billions in sanctions relief and cash windfalls as a result of the Obama administration’s accord.”

The threat? That if Europe does not reject the new U.S. sanctions issued by the Trump administration and help Tehran bypass them, they will “Stop adhering to the nuclear deal.”

The demand? Keivan Khosravi, a spokesman for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said all banking and oil rights must be immediately restored or Tehran will continue with efforts to ramp up prohibited nuclear work. The memo published Tuesday by Iran’s state-controlled press read:
As the honorable president declared, concurrent with the SNS statement, Iran will continue subsequent and staged steps to stop nuclear deal undertakings based on the UNSC statement until the status quo of its oil sales and banking transactions return to the conditions that prevailed before the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

This backlash comes after the Trump administrations decision last month to stop issuing sanctions waivers to several countries purchasing large amounts of Iranian crude oil. The removal of these waivers effectively killed Ira’s oil trade. It looks like Iran misses the Obama administration the most.