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Iran Says Newest US Sanctions End “channel of diplomacy forever”

I am not sure if Iran recognizes the bear they are poking.

Photo by Majid/Getty Images

A spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry claimed in a tweet Tuesday that the latest US sanctions on Iran permanently end the possibility of diplomacy between the two countries. Following this comment was Iranian President Rouhani who, in a live televised address on Tuesday, stated that the White House is “afflicted by mental retardation.”

The US sanctions have been increasingly strict in the past few weeks due to three separate Iranian attacks on the United States in the Strait of Hormuz, the last being the downing of a $100 million US Navy Drone.

Even though Iran, unprovoked, has been regularly attacking US ships in the Strait of Hormuz, the claim that the Trump administration “is destroying the established international mechanisms for maintaining world peace and security.” They make these claims as Trump continues to push for negotiations, even calling off a planned attack because the number of casualties would make it a “disproportionate” response to Iran’s attacks.

Despite the repeated attempts by the United States to conduct negotiations between the two countries, Iran insists on escalating tensions. I am not sure if Iran recognizes the bear they are poking. They have literally handed President Trump the keys to war that he can start whenever he wants. Iran is a child throwing pebbles at a giant, and the giant will only be merciful for so long.