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I was BLOCKED From Instagram For Post on DISRESPECTING the American Flag at the Women’s World Cup

There was no repercussion for @Antidogma09 responding to those who believe dropping the flag was disrespectful...


It was the “dropped, then stepped on American Flag” heard around the world yesterday at the Women’s World Cup Finals in France. After an outstanding match, the American soccer team celebrated their 2-0 victory over the Netherlands winning their fourth World Cup title. However, a moment occurred during the on-field celebrations that has gone viral.

Player Allie Long dropped the American flag between her legs in order to do a celebratory dance for the cameras and crowd with her two teammates, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan. Both Rapinoe and Morgan have been outspoken on whether or not they would accept President Trump’s invitation to the White House.

The video went viral and many took to social media to express their disappointment, myself included. After reposting the viral video with the caption “You should be disturbed by this unpatriotic narcissistic behavior. @mPinoe is neither a hero or a role model. I rewound and watched the entire celebration on the field. Rapinoe didn’t want anything to do with an #Americanflag before she stomped it. #repulsive” I was blocked from Instagram.

Looks like those who took the opposing view shockingly were not blocked from Twitter. Twitterverse had no problem with @jamietworkowski’s tweet:
To the people giving @ALLIE_LONG shit for dropping the flag: Have you ever made a mistake? Is this about the flag or is this about you wanting to villainize and control a woman who is out of your control? Are you also this mad about how people are being treated at our border?

There was no repercussion for @Antidogma09 responding to those who believe dropping the flag was disrespectful: “What a load of crap. It was Allie Long to toss the flag to the ground. And I don’t see a problem with that. They were just rehearsing a move, and another player picked it up.” Long’s twitter has been largely silent except for sending love letter’s with and forth with former President Barack Obama. After Obama tweeted congratulations to the women’s team which ended in “Love this team” Long responded, “No, we love you!” Just another ‘Manic Monday’ in bias liberal land.