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DEVELOPING: Bill Clinton Issues Statement on his Ties to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

The actions we see in Bill Clinton's statements about flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane are clear examples of minimization.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The actions we see in Bill Clinton’s statements about flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane are clear examples of minimization.  Minimization is when a criminal lies to paint a picture of innocence or unwittingly being caught up in an action they knew nothing about.  Basically its the adult equivalent of a child making up a story when they are caught in the cookie jar.

The very fact that Bill Clinton felt an overwhelming need to make a public statement is very damning in and of itself.  Most innocent people do not feel the need to be vindicated in the media as Bill Clinton appears to be maneuvering to do.  In contrast, typical behavior of someone that is falsely accused of a crime will feel the need to spend as much time out of the spotlight as possible as their attorneys work to make the false accusations go away.  When it comes to the Clintons, ask yourself these two questions and then compare what you feel is normal to what the facts are concerning Bill and Hillary Clintons potential answers.

1. How many people have you been associated with that are dead, have been murdered or have committed suicide?  Most people over the age of 30 will answer they know a few people that have died (not including people that die of old age), and that they don’t know anyone that has been murdered or committed suicide.

2. How many times would you ride on a plane more than once if you found out that person was a sex offender?

Hypothetically, had these questions been answered by the Clintons, the truthful answers would have been;

  • “We have over 40 associates that are dead, many having been murdered or committed
    suicide, including 12 of our former bodyguards.”
  • “I (Bill Clinton) had my name on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane flight manifest 26 times, but I
    only claim to have flown 4 times (That’s Bill minimizing).”  Which is three more times
    then most of you would have flown if you knew Epstein was a registered sex offender.

So as you can see through the actions of the Clintons, minimization is a typical tactic of avoidance or misdirection they often use when backed into a corner.  Tell a lie and tell it often or cast aside accusations as if they are a joke or nothing serious.  Let’s hope in the Epstein case the witness stand has a seat warmer with the Clintons name on it.  Maybe, just maybe, the watchful eye of a prosecutor won’t be successful in stopping the Clintons minimization tactics.