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De Blasio School Plan Eliminates Gifted Programs

De Blasio is neither gifted or talented!

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio newly appointed panel, called the School Diversity Advisory Group, has proposed eliminating Gifted and Talented programs because they contain too many Asian and white students.


The group believes that “screened” schools that have admission requirements for Gifted and Talented programs are “unjust” because they don’t “serve all children.” In a report, the group writes, “We recommend eliminating exclusionary screens, replacing those programs with pro-integrative programs used in many school districts across the country to affirmatively attract students of all backgrounds and make sure that all students are challenged.”


Even though the report claims that the admission requirements disadvantage black and Hispanic students, it also recognizes that more than half of the students in “screened” public high schools are black and Hispanic, and about 60 percent of students at these schools are from low-income homes.


The plan put forth by the diversity group seeks to eliminate all elementary school gifted programs, all “screened” middle schools and some high schools, except the elite high schools that are under partial control of New York State.


I know two things when it comes to gifted and talented school programs:

  1. They are an important part of development for intelligent children.
  2. De Blasio is neither gifted or talented!