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CHINA Accuses Trump of Committing “Economic Terrorism”

Do We Care?

CHINA Accuses Trump of Committing “Economic Terrorism” 1 STR/AFP/Getty Images

It’s no secret there is a lot of tension between China and the United States centered around trade. Now China seems to be ramping up its rhetoric on the matter, accusing the Trump administration of committing “economic terrorism.”

CNN reports “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the White House had ‘brought huge damage to the economy of other countries and the US itself,’ spokesperson Lu Kang told reporters I Beijing on Thursday.

The words escalated saying US trade policy was “typical economic terrorism, economic hegemonism, and economic unilateralism.” Wow. As if the statement itself was not blistering enough, it was issued after Chinese state media issued a stern message today to the United States: “Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

Here is the question. Do we WANT state-run media and a communist ran country happy with us? The People’s Daily, the newspaper of the ruling Communist Party in China wrote China would “never accept’ the US’ suppression of Chinese development.” Trump’s concerns lie in the interest of American development, so threats may fall on deaf ears.