A drug smuggling submarine headed towards the U.S. was apprehended by the Coast Guard in a dramatic scene caught on camera.

The vessel was carrying 39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana–the street value of the drugs is $569 million.

During a ceremony onboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro in San Diego yesterday, Vice President Pence praised the guardsmen and said, “Make no mistake about it, Coasties, your courageous service is saving American lives. You truly are gallantry in action. Let’s hear it for the men and women of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Munro. Job well done.”

Pence also stressed the importance of their work to American communities.

“What you seize and put on these decks to be offloaded is prevented from tearing apart lives and communities. The transnational criminal organization and the cartels that fund their deadly trade represent one of the greatest national security and public health threats to the American people,” he said.

President Trump tweeted about the seizure yesterday, writing “Do you believe this kind of bravery? Amazing drug seizure. WATCH!”

A commander in Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards, which is labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States, Hossein Nejat, launched yet another comical threat towards the U.S. as tensions continue to heat up.

“American bases are within the range of our missiles… Our missiles will destroy their aircraft carriers if they make a mistake.” Commander Nejat said, “Americans are very well aware of the consequences of a military confrontation with Iran.”

This threat is just one of many threats that Iran has directed towards the United States as they have, on three occasions, attacked U.S. oil tankers and drones in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran is essentially an overconfident, angry child and the United States has been incredibly merciful so far, but that can only last for so long.

As I have stated in previous stories, Iran is a problem that is not going to go away and we need a strategic plan to crush Iran’s ability to wage war, build nuclear weapons, or attack anyone.  I believe we are capable of doing that with very minimal forces and concentrating on massive air power until the strategic goals are met.

The semi-official Fars news agency in Iran just cited an unnamed source reporting that “U.N. inspectors had recently weighed Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium. According to the report, Iran’s stockpile…was greater than the 660-pound limit set by the nuclear deal.” The nuclear deal, which the Trump administration withdrew the U.S. from in 2015 in which a 660lb cap of enriched uranium, used to make reactor fuel but also potentially nuclear bombs was put in place.

According to the BBC, “Iran stepped up production of enriched uranium…in May. It said it was responding to sanctions reinstated by the US after President Donald Trump abandoned the deal.” Is it naïve to believe Iran or are they just making excuses to bully the world into easing up on sanctions?

The White House responded in a written statement yesterday which said: “the development should have been foreseeable to the Obama administration ‘even before the deal’s existence.” The statement went on to say they vowed to exert “maximum pressure” on Iran to make sure they never obtain nuclear weapons.

Iran has threatened to raise its enrichment to close in on weapons-grade levels starting next week, specifically, July 7thif “Europe fails to offer it a new deal that provides economic relief.”
The White House warns against succumbing to Iran’s rhetoric in the released statement because “there is little doubt that even before the deal’s existence, Iran was violating its terms.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the country’s decision to exceed stockpile limits is “reversible” but added “Today, Iran has to stand against U.S. economic sanctions through domestic production and relying on national potentials” Zarif told state-run media. Trump’s response? He isn’t buying it: “They know what they’re doing. They know what they’re playing with. And I think they’re playing with fire.”

Even though I have been a Trump supporter from the very beginning of his career, I have been guilty, like many others, of expecting him to move at a faster pace on issues we want to see fixed. Yet time and time again this president has proven that his pace is focused on effective solutions, not pressure from the media or his constituents.  I honestly can’t wait to see how the left spins this story and president Trump’s amazing effort towards peace.

Trump was in Japan for the G-20 summit of world leaders, during which he tweeted an invitation to Kim for them to meet in the demilitarized zone between North and South Kora, also known as the “DMZ.” North Korea reacted positively to the tweet calling the proposal “interesting” but made no confirmation that he would accept until the last minute. NBC News reported that even as Trump was on his way to the DMZ by helicopter, “U.S. officials had told NBC News they were unsure whether Kim would really show up.”

Kim did show, and “journalists jostled to capture the historic encounter and even White House officials accompanying the president seemed unsure what would happen next.” NBC said. Also reported was that “Kim told Trump that he ‘never expected’ to see the president at this place.” After the meeting, Kim used a translator to tell reporters “This means that we can feel at ease…I believe that this will have a positive force on all of our discussions in the future.”

The reactions of liberals and anti-Trumpers will be of their usual low standards and small-minded thinking no doubt, but they cannot deny the pure tenacity and bravery towards peace this President is making. NBC News reported the scene in a play-by-play: after Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in landed in the DMZ, the “commander of the U.N. Security Battalion, briefed Trump about the security situation, gesturing toward North Korean territory…Minutes later, Trump and Kim were side by side posing for photos and taking a step together over the line into North Korea.” After photos were taken of the historic moment, “they then spoke briefly to reporters inside a nearby room before holding talks that Trump had predicted would last just a few minutes but went on for close to an hour.”

This is the continuation of Trump’s unprecedented actions towards peace. He was not only already the firstU.S. president to meet a North Korean leader while in office, but he had also met with Kim twice before. This meeting, however, was of the utmost significance as it “marks the first meeting in the no-mans-land between North and South since the end of the Korean War.” While rump said that sanctions on the North would remain in place, for now, he appeared to leave open the possibility that things can change. “At some point during the negotiation, things can happen,’ Trump said.”

According to the reports he “projected no sense of urgency on Sunday as he argued there was plenty of time to reach a deal with North Korea, echoing an argument he’d made about resolving the Iran nuclear issue the day before.” Trump boasted: “I’m never in a rush. If you’re in a rush, you get yourself in trouble.” Whether liberals, believe it or not, Trump expressed high hopes with North Korea’s Kim: “He understands me, and I believe I maybe understand him…sometimes that can lead to very good things.”

I believe it will.

Denmark has become the third Nordic country to form a radical leftist government this year. The newly elected government plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 70% by 2030, soften immigration laws, and increase welfare spending.

In order to get elected, the Social Democrats ran on a platform of increasing government spending and increasing taxes. The Nordic countries already have some of the highest taxes in the world, and Denmark’s government already spends an extraordinary amount on social policies.

The Social Democrat’s want to steal from the wealthy and give it to the poor. Their welfare policies will likely just make the country as a whole poorer. The plans to tax the wealthy even further will decrease investing and cause the wealthy to want to leave the country in order to escape the outrageous tax policies. The “Social Democrat” party is essentially a socialist party. They will strip away freedoms, and they will destroy the economy.

Yesterday I called a friend of mine that lives in Denmark and told her to say goodbye to life as she knows it in Denmark.  The most important part of this story is how the leftist parties voted to join forces and merge. Nowhere do you hear that the people of Denmark chose that option?

That is exactly what the Democrat Party would do immediately if they own all three branches of government. Your choice won’t matter any longer!