A dark-web website is collecting donations to facilitate the assassination of President Donald Trump. The Terminating Donald Trump site has collected over $88,550 in bitcoins through a bitcoin wallet.

“The consequences of having Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the leaders of the free world is extremely dangerous,” the site states, which is only accessible through special browsers. “The political, environmental and social consequences will change the United States for the worst.” “The plan we need to implement requires a lot of money to pay for equipment.”

According to Newsweek, there is a message within the source code of the website left by someone who claims to be a hacker that uncovered the identity of the person who set up the site.

Newsweek writes: “The message states that the site is hosted by a Canadian citizen who is “a little scammer.” Newsweek tried to contact the creator of the site via the administrator email address published on the website but there was no reply at the time of publication.”

Look behind headlines like these and you will see a common thread that ties together leftists and their vision of a Marxist type of utopia where governments don’t exist. The sad part about that idiotic concept, however, is that our Constitution has gone past the point of government and gave the power to the people. Unfortunately, the people have given most of that power back.